The developers spend half a million dollars for model condo

With the purpose of letting customers feel the reality of the condo, the developers often build model condos for the visitors to sightsee during the opening event. However, spending half a million dollars just for the model condo is so incredible. 
Phu My Hung has spent half a million dollars to build model condos of M8A block which belongs to The Peak and under Phu My Hung Midtown complex.

The Peak is a high – class building with a lot of differences and compared to another 3 of Phu My Hung Midtown complex, which is recognized as the top of the whole project. The M8A block is considered as the foundation of distinctive and stable value, a jewel of The Peak, which Being positioned as a high-end project but satisfying all precious elements of a luxury project.

Therefore, when building the model condo of M8A block, Phu My Hung has invested up to half a million dollars for designing and interior decoration of the model condo, so the visitors can easily feel the real living space before they decide to buy the house. The model condo area includes a sample condo and a welcoming lobby area with the height and land area almost equal to the real lobby of the building.

Exploring the first and most valuable model lobby of the developer. This luxury model condo has opened for everyone during the period before launching block D of The Peak this June

According to the Phu My Hung representative, M8A The Peak is invested in the most advanced level in terms of design, interior…. Particularly for this project lobby, with their enthusiasm and creativity, the developer and the architect’s team create a lobby area like a luxury resort but still very comfortable and gentle as a private house.
Many locations in the lobby have an underground backlight to create a sense of luxury and create accents. In addition, the floor is covered with high-class travertine bricks in horizontally way and along the lobby is arranged some artworks. Moreover, the reception table becomes an artistic picture with exquisite marble material, unique shape.
With the criterion of respecting nature, the architect’s team of The Peak project has used nature as the main idea in the overall design of the project in general and the lobby area in particular. On the walls, the bricks are paved horizontally and simulated the smooth flow of the river; In addition, some details are designed to mix between shade and light, created a feeling like outside and in the middle of the nature for visitors.
One of the main inspirations for the lobby is the water concept. The architects have arranged a lot of details to simulate this concept: a chandelier like raindrops, The wall has light emitted from the stone that creates a waterfalls spectacle, decorative fishes are made from wooden material that feel like a miniature ocean… these details bring senses of peace and freedom to the resident when entering the lobby area.
Based on the idea of bringing the Zen – Japan into the lobby area, The Peak’s architects focused on the selection of materials and designed to create a special lobby area.
According to the Vertical Studio representative, after a long working day, the residents’ mind will be filled with thought and stress. Therefore, the interior design of the building needs to be minimalist and natural so that they can feel peace when they come back home. Especially the lobby is the first place they have to arrive so the design must create a welcoming and relaxed feeling.
The Peak – M8A is located at the prime location throughout the complex because it is closest to the river, and having the best view towards Sakura Park. Therefore, the architects have planned to design the lobby directly connecting to the outside landscape. The system of large glass doors installed around the lobby which widened the view, the residents can sit at the lobby but still admire the charming nature, the synergy of the flower with amusing chords of birds singing and serene water flowing.
The harmony of colors and architecture from the lobby to the corridor creates a sense of consensus and comfort in the space
In particular, the corridor of The Peak – M8A is up to 2.2m wide, exceeding the standard of 1.8m for apartments rated Class A which is based on the Circular 31/2016/TT-BXD of the Ministry of Construction.
“We spend a lot of enthusiasm for the lobby of The Peak. This is a unique area because the lobby is not only for the residents but also for their relatives, friends or visitors who visit The Peak. We expect that anyone who sits inside or just walk across this lobby, they will understand every resident lives in here are the esteemed owner.” the Vertical Studio said.