Warning the ways of trickers via phone calls and social networks

The trickers often imitate engineers, doctors, and US soldiers, etc to sent images to introduce they are traders who are living in the United States, or solders fighting in Afghanistan, Syria


The signs to aware:

When having a call to the telephone line, the caller (actually a tricker) named as legal authorities such as police, court, procuracy, collecting fee staff, announced as follows:

Debt on phone bills, electricity bills, water bills, related to the cases of money laundering, etc.

Threaten and ask victims to cooperate in the investigation and  threaten that if you don’t cooperate and follow instructions, you will be accused. Besides, they ask the victims to keep secret and do not tell in the family.

Ask to contact 1080 to verify the phone number.

Ask for personal information, account number, where the money is being sent, request to transfer money to the account of the “legal authority” for inspection and say that amount will returned within several hours, then they give out the account number prepared by Vietnamese people and request to transfer money.


The signs to aware:

The trickers often imitate engineers, doctors, and US soldiers, etc to sent images to introduce they are traders who are living in the United States, or solders fighting in Afghanistan, Syria, etc to get acquaintance, add friends, make promise of marriage on social networks such as: Facebook,Zalo,Whatsapp,Skype,Tagged.com, etc.

Get acquaintance, add friends, make promise of marriage, guarantee to go abroad, offer to send gifts of great value, including a lot of money, gold, etc to buy a house in Vietnam, business cooperation or offer to help, doing charity or giving reasons that family of victims need help, offer gift, loan for business.

Sending people to pretend to be the delivers, customs officers, tax authorities, etc to inform that the gift boxes have problem because they contain many foreign currencies and valuable goods. If you want to receive goods you have to pay fees, taxes or bribe. Then they provide victims a bank account number to transfer money and then they withdraw to steal.


The signs to aware:

– Victims are businesses that have business relationships with foreign companies, often transact via emails.

– The strickers hack business’s emails and get information about the contract of purchasing goods and payment of money.
They create fake e-mails (similar to real email of two parties or just one letter difference) of the payer partner and then send email to request payment to another account number with the reason that account in transaction has problems (because businesses are being inspected, or blocked account…)


Definitely refuse to work via phone calls, ask them to send a valid invitation letter. Do not comply with the requirements and follow the instructions of the tricker such as: Press the number key on the phone, verify the phone number…

Do not trust and contact, communicate with foreigners or strangers who want to get acquaintance, make friends via social networks, phone calls, etc. Do not exchange or follow the requests of trickers who pretends as the deliver, customs officers, tax authorities, etc.

Businesses must check email address of partner to ensure 100% accuracy. If you receive an email requesting to change of beneficiary account number, you must not transfer money directly, but have to contact the business partner directly by phone to avoid fraud

Do not provide personal phone number, account number, credit card, personal information to anyone. Do not be on behalf others to transfer the account, receive money.

Absolutely do not transfer money to anyone, in any form (If you already transferred money, you must inform the bank  immediately to block the transferred money).

If you encounterd the above cases, you should inform your family and partner to verify.

Immediately notify to the nearest police stationPolice of District 7:  (0283)3.7851.787; The Criminal Police team: (0283)3.7851.662.

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