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Calling tricks of imposters who assumed your friends or relatives

Recently, there were some cases from imposters who assumed as your friend’s name to trick and appropriate personal property in HCMC area.

They had taken advantage of  your kindness or without vigilance to treat you by making a suddently call as if he/she is your friend or relative to ask you help him/her amount of money for serious and urgent cases. After that, he/she suggested victims transfer their money to his/her indicated account for appropriation.

There were some evidences such as detailed below:

Situation 1:

At 10 o’clock on 14th April 2016, Ms VoThi Anh T who live in Dist 1 said, there was a  young man called her home phone, pretended as Mr Si, a close friend of her.  Unluckily, he told her that while he was visiting his children in USA, his relative got traffic accident in Can Tho province. Thus on, he need Ms T transfer to his indicated account with amount of 45 million VND for the emergency while he was absent out of country. He promised will return her all of money when he back Viet Nam. After that, without doubt to this stranger, she transferred money to his account just several hours. One day later, 15th April 2016, the imposter had appropriated from her up to 495 million dong.

Situation 2:

Nearly to 14h00’ dated 28/4/2016, Mrs Lâm Thị Ch at Cau Kho Ward, Dist 1 received a phone from her nephew who are living in aboard. After she asked him “Are you Mr Coc ?”, immedialtely, he said “Yes, I am”.  Mrs Ch was overconfident too trusting of people  and continue talking with him. He told lie with her, this time his friend back VN to take his adoptive child for treatment at hospital. Cause of not yet withdrawing money from foreigner bank, he borrowed  50 million VND from Mrs Ch via his instructed account. As a bad result, he ran away with big money.

Instructions from Police District 7 :

Be aware of all coming calls that someone pretended as your friends or relatives and then borrow money in urgently. They must be are thieves, imposters tried to appropriate your personal property.

Whenever you pick up the phone from the person who is talking to you, please check the information carefully. Never give his/ her your personal data or transfer money if you feel worry, wonder and doubt about the stranger.

If you had doubted or found somebody who has related tricks, please contact the nearest police station or via telephone such as:

  • Police of District 7: 08.37851.787
  • Security Society Police: 08.37851.662.

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