Guidance for using fire-fighting equipment in emergency

In order to help people to carry out the operation of firefighting equipment in the event of a sudden fire, Phu My Hung Journal would like to introduce to readers and residents how to use “portable fire extinguisher” and “fire hoses in high rise buildings.”





There are two common types of fire extinguishers that are generally available at public places:

Powder fire extinguishers: there are pressure meter and small nozzle, effective for extinguishing fire due to solid, liquid, gas … especially fires from gasoline.

CO2 tank: with large nozzle, used to extinguish fires in enclosed space and electronic devices.


Note: The temperature of the CO2 tank is -79 degrees Celsius, contacted with the skin will cause cold-burn so when fighting fire, residents have to grasp the straps and avoid direct contact with the nozzle.

Manual for fire extinguishers:

STEP 1: When fire is detected, people quickly identify the cause of the fire and move the suitable fire extinguisher to the fire location.

STEP 2: Place the tank on the ground, the left hand holds the neck, the right hand draws the lead clamp so that CO2 or powder in the tank can escape when squeezing the valve.


For CO2 tanks, push the duckett and spray straight into the fire, stand in safe distance with the fire about 0.5m – 1.5m, direct the nozzle in the direction of the fire, the closer to the fire the more effective.


For the powder tanks: choose the wind direction, direct the nozzle towards the fire, keep the tank at a distance of 1.5m to 3.5m then squeeze the valve so that the powder spray out, move the nozzle back and forth to cover the fire. Note: For powder fire extinguishers, the user must shake the tank several times to prevent the powder from clotting.



This is the common fire tool used in high rise buildings.

STEP 1: Remove the fire hose from the fire box on the wall


STEP 2: Spread the fire hose



STEP 3: Put the connector into the fire box on the wall and couplings of the hose then head toward the fire.



STEP 4: Open the fire extinguisher valve, spray water into the fire.


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