Fire prevention is better than firefighting

As the investor of Phu My Hung, the first model urban area in Vietnam, Phu My Hung pays special attention to fire prevention in construction, management and operation of the projects. For the safety of life and property of the residents, the guideline “fire prevention is better than firefighting” is always followed by the fire department in Phu My Hung.


The problem of fire prevention at Phu My Hung is focused right from the design stage. In addition to the exit door, water pipe system, fire alarm system, fire prevention equipment system … the buildings in Phu My Hung are also designed with the system of rolling shutters and automatic waterproofing walls, which helps isolate this area and the other area, this basement and that basement when an incident occurs. In some new projects, the staircase exits are also designed from the upper levels to the ground floor, and another exit from the ground floor to the basement to limit the spread of fire from the basement to the upper floors. Exit design also allows residents to escape from the M floor, 2nd floor, not just the ground floor. From the doors of the apartments to the stairs exits are arranged in a distance of 6-8m, helping residents get out easily and quickly.


In terms of equipment, Phu My Hung uses British and Japanese fire alarm centers, and most of these systems are connected to the HCMC Fire Prevention Department, which directly transmits the signal if there is a fire or explosion incident. In addition to the rolling shutters and waterproofing walls described above, buildings in Phu My Hung are equipped with fire hydrants and sprinklers. Other basic fire protection devices such as CO2 fire extinguisher, ABC powder, T35 powder, fire hose … are fully equipped in the buildings. In particular, more than 90% of the buildings are equipped with foam mini vehicles, specializing in gasoline, oil and liquid fire.

Phu My Hung security, the key force in the fire prevention of this urban area, is also equipped with two fire pumps, five submersible pumps of large capacity. The buildings are equipped with anti-toxic respirators, breaking tools, high pressure headlights and fire extinguisher … CCTV systems from the roads, and nearly 500 camera pillars located in residential areas are is an effective helper, helping to detect fire and explosion soon. In addition, the fire-fighting water supply in Phu My Hung is plentiful with the network of swimming pools in the projects, surrounding rivers, canals, sprinklers and firefighting water pillars are always ready.


So với trang thiết bị, việc quản lý và vận hành hoạt động PCCC cũng quan trọng không kém. Tại Phú Mỹ Hưng, hai bộ phận chuyên trách công tác PCCC là Đội bảo vệ và Trung tâm Phục vụ khách hàng, với sự phân nhiệm rõ ràng, quy trình chuyên nghiệp, đồng thời có sự kiểm tra, giám sát qua lại.

Compared to the equipment, the management and operation of fire prevention is equally important. In Phu My Hung, two sections in charge of fire prevention are the Security and Customer Service Center, with clear assignment, professional process, and cross-checking and supervision.

Mr Nguyen Van Tuyen, deputy head of Phu My Hung Security, said: “Fire prevention forces in Phu My Hung have always identified the spirit of “fire prevention is better than firefighting.” To do that, we perform the following procedures:

1/Firstly, have monthly inspection and maintenance of fire prevention and fighting equipment, ensuring that they are always in the best condition, ready to operate in the event of any incidents. This is done by both the Security and the Customer Service Center, separated from each other so that they can cross check and monitor each other’s results. The inspection of firefighting equipment is also carried out jointly with District 7 Fire Prevention Police, at least 4 times a year.

2/Secondly, the propaganda of fire prevention is regularly implemented in order to raise awareness of the residents. Particularly, periodically in the dry season, rainy season, or New Year, we send messages to residents, warning about fire and explosion, propaganda about burning joss papers. We often send to residents leaflets with the instructions for using electricity, guide to escape from danger, guide to use fire protection equipment. Not stop there, we also coordinate with

police force in District 7 to organize fire protection propaganda and training in the buildings. Firefighting sessions are guaranteed at least once a year for buildings.”

Along with professional management and operation procedures, another strength of Phu My Hung is the professional and dedicated firefighting force. Currently, in Phu My Hung, there are a total of 252 checkpoints, with 430 security guards, 24/24 patrols. At any time, Phu My Hung can immediately mobilize hundreds of people to participate in fire prevention and rescue from the Security and Customer Service Center. Mr. Tuyen added: “100% of members of Phu My Hung Security are granted fire prevention certificates from functional agencies. We also regularly organize events to train and test fire prevention professional skills of each member.”


For the best fire  prevention in Phu My Hung, besides the owner’s efforts in equipment, management and operation, it also requires coordinating efforts from various sides, such as residents, buildings management board and local authorities (especially the fire prevention Police).

Mr Nguyen Hong Van, head of Phu My Hung Customer Service Center, said: “Phu My Hung now has more than 40 high-rise apartments and 36 villas with over 30,000 inhabitants, in which foreigners coming from many different countries account for about 40%. This is also a difficulty in fire prevention propaganda in Phu My Hung. At present, the bulletin and firefighting guidelines are in bilingual (Vietnamese – English). In the near future, we will do it in four languages (Vietnamese, English, Korean, Chinese), so that foreigners can easily catch up with the information.”

Although the awareness of fire prevention of most of residents in Phu My Hung is quite good, Phu My Hung Security also warned: “Many residents are not careful in using electricity, violating fire prevention rules. There have been incidents as residents go out without turning off the oven, luckily Phu My Hung’s security

forces timely deal with the incident. Many residents are also indifferent, who do not attend fire prevention propaganda and firefighting training, although we have created favorable conditions, such as holding on holidays, and in the future it will be held in the evening. Some neighborhoods have set up the management board, however, when being handed over the firefighting equipment, the management board did not maintain and preserve well. Fire prevention is the responsibility of the community. We urge all residents, management boards to actively join with Phu My Hung to preserve peaceful life for the urban area.

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