Inspired from the well-known Midtown areas in the world, PHU MY HUNG MIDTOWN inherits the quintessence of modernity perfectly combined with Vietnamese culture, creating a harmonious masterpiece – a polychromatic symphony. This is also the biggest investment project in last 3 years and for the first time Phu My Hung joint venture with three leading real estate developing partners in Japan:

đối tác

On the land area of 56,331m2, the complex consists of 4 condo buildings with different designs, each building owns an international standard amenity chain such as swimming pool, sauna, massage room, gym room, multi-function room, kids library… Especially, the high-quality F&B and entertainment services are integrated under each building meeting the needs of residents here.

The most impressive highlight in PHU MY HUNG MIDTOWN is the first and only SAKURA PARK in Vietnam. Designed by Landsculptor Studio – a famous landscape design unit from Thailand and impressed by cherry blossom roads, SAKURA PARK offers residents a peaceful and stunning place with many suitable community spaces for all ages such as children’s playground, quiet park area for people who love reading, picnic area for family gathering, Sakura Plaza or multi-functional sports area for active people…. In the near future, this place will be developed into the second iconic place of Phu My Hung City Center, along with the Crescent Promenade and Starlight Bridge.

Since the first introduction in December 2016, Phu My Hung Midtown has created the “fever” in high-end condo segment with The Grande, The Symphony and The Signature. Quarter 4/2018 has marked its impressive comeback with THE PEAK located in the most beautiful position of the complex and owning many outstanding features in terms of architecture, exteriors, landscapes and amenities – AN IMPECCABLE DESTINATION OF MAGNIFICENT MASTERPIENCE MIDTOWN.

January 2019 opens up the last chance to own “the utopia of luxury” overlooking the only SAKURA PARK in Vietnam – THE PEAK (M8A).


Exquisite quality for


Inspired by the charming nature, the blissful beauty of cherry blossoms with amusing chords of birds singing and serene water flowing, the exquisite idea about the utopia of life – PHU MY HUNG MIDTOWN – has been created and reached the highest position: THE PEAK.

Immersing into a living space where the hustle and bustle of urban living are tranquilly eliminated, The Peak brings residents an indulging and refined lifestyle beyond expectations. Enjoying the turquoise water at INFINITY POOL, playing with your children at KID’S ROOM, gifting yourselves relaxing moments at SPA or YOGA ROOM, experiencing utmost conveniences from your home’s doors to the city within walking distance, THE PEAK is the gateway opening up to privileged experiences and emotional memories.



The landscapes are even more exclusive with the mesmerizing GREEN CORRIDORS which are a combination of blissful Singapore Sakura in the first corridor – SAKURA PARK – and more than 100 species of plants in the second corridor – COURT YARD GREENERY. Different flowers bloom in different seasons, bringing the clearest sense of the movement of time. Alternatively, there are trees all year round, shading the whole area. Moreover, architects also use the technique called “green area displacement” to create a vertical corridor – ROOFTOP GARDENS – an ideal place for residents to relax amidst peaceful nature.

Location Midtown The Peak

If Phu My Hung Midtown is an architectural masterpiece which only comes once, THE PEAK is such a desirable living space owning THE BEST LOCATION, the pinnacle of the whole complex.

vị trí the peak

Amidst the modern and international-standard urban area, the presence of nature becomes more perfect and valuable. THE PEAK is beautifully located beside the serene river, facing the bustling International Commercial and Financial District, connecting with the luxury resort-style residences in the greenest area of Phu My Hung – Southside District. It is the fourth and THE LAST component of the complex, finalizing the architectural piece of art of Phu My Hung Midtown.

The modern architectures harmonize sophistically with spaces and curve gently beside the river, bringing the feeling of immersing into nature. The art of “placement” is cleverly done by the talented architects, which makes every single condo own perfect view, natural lighting and ventilation: unique internal landscapes, vivid Sakura Park and iconic constructions of The Signature, etc.

Residents of THE PEAK will also have an easy access to the well-established services and amenities of Phu My Hung, especially the existing multinational school system within walking distance such as Japanese, Korean, Taipei, Canadian, Saigon South and Lawrence S. Ting 2, SSIS 2 to be developed in the future. A myriad of entertainment, shopping, healthcare, commercial facilities is also just few-minute drive away.

““At Phu My Hung Midtown, residents can fully immerse the harmony of tranquil nature and eye-catching landscapes, relax with the cheerful sound of birds singing, enjoy the blissful greeneries and blooming flowers and at the same time experience the utmost conveniences of bustling metropolitan. It is a seamless connection between modern living and peaceful nature.” – said the architects.





Usable area: 115.39m2

During the 18th – 19th centuries, the neoclassic style developed and dominated an entire European architecture. Combining the quintessential elements of classical art & modern fashion, neoclassic has retained its noble beauty & unique values; and became the first choice of owners with high aesthetic taste.

Often used for large-scale projects such as semi-detached or detached villas, Phu My Hung & Maison Décor have worked closely to calculate an appropriate application of this style into a condo. NEOCLASSIC was born, inspired by the splendor architecture & the auspicious feng shui values of THE PEAK; honoring elements of symmetry through meticulous moulding, a carefully selected interior collection with natural & classy materials etc.


Usable area: 115.39m2

In recent trends of the real estate market, customers are gradually shifting their attention to the wide-area products which satisfy the needs of multi-generational families. The reasonable interior arrangement ensuring a harmonious living for each family member has been sophisticatedly researched by Phu My Hung & Jang In Furniture through the design of 𝗠𝗢𝗗𝗘𝗥𝗡 𝗞𝗢𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗡.

Inspired by the beauty of Korea, combined with the riverside location & landscape design following the “flow” concept of The Peak, Jang In Furniture has brought 𝗠𝗢𝗗𝗘𝗥𝗡 𝗞𝗢𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗡 – a symphony of the neutral color scheme with modernity, optimizing functions on every living corner. It is such an invitation to come back home for ideal peaceful moments..


Usable area: 113.87m2

A harmony of contrast elements. An architectural mindset not bounding by any aesthetic limitations. An open-source of creativity coming with the freedom to bring out unique “masterpieces”. In the field of interiors, the Eclectic style is an explosive “party” of seemingly unconventional elements, which is suitable for owners that have taste & boldness.

ECLECTIC is the harmonious interference of Asia – Europe & the past – present with the system of circular arches, door panels or familiar golden emulsion of Western classics; combined with graceful curves, the stylization of Asian handicrafts such as lacquer, straw painting, ceramic glaze etc.


Usable area: 118.03m2

Semi Indochine Interior Style is known as the interference between two cultures, the nostalgic influences of the East and the contemporary features of the West. SEMI INDOCHINE is impressive not only because of the time stamp shown in each design or the massive majesty of the decorative materials; but when entering this space, we feel like “reviving” in a charming & indigenous Vietnamese house.

Semi Indochine is often used for the upper class, therefore, with meticulous design investment, the construction must also be carefully calculated to exude the luxury and power of the owner. Phu My Hung and Prestige have cleverly recreated the old space through each area, from the sofa set using black bamboo and rattan material to the fortune pots, molding which are meticulously stylized throughout the house; or a combination of conical lamps from Hue royal court, old paintings, ceramic tiles…

ART DECO – D11.06

Usable area: 118.03m2

Originated at the “capital of light” Paris (France) in the 1920s and have reached its golden peak during the next two decades; Art Deco style represents the luxury, creativity & advancement of Modernism. ART DECO is the skillful reproduction of this powerful and attractive art.

Entering the ART DECO living space is to immerse yourself in the charm of oval, round, stylized propellers or cuboidal shapes, along with strong straight lines & linear lines. The gold or platinum metal rims along the smooth glass help to optimize the elegance & depth of the space. The whole space is harmonized into separately crafted furniture with impressive sizes & colors such as the beige wavy couch, bordeaux velvet armchair, mirror inlaid dining set…

Midtown Progress

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